Porsche Spyder Project Car

Nanaimo, British Columbia 2008-01-31 12:30:50

I have been enthusiastic about Porsches since the early 1970's, servicing, repairing and driving them. I had, however, always considered it a shame that the factory had not manufactured a Spyder Model since the 550 of the late 1950's.

This thought had carried on with me until the year 2000 when a 1976 911 Targa was traded in at European Specialty Car Services. I had sold and refurbished the car several times since 1990 and now with over 400,000 km on her, it was time for a complete re-build or dismantle. I decided this car was an ideal candidate for my idea of a Spyder.

I set to work and completely dismantled the car down to a bare shell then began lightening the shell by removing any bracket, fitting or extra material not deemed necessary. The shell was then sent for ready stripping and acid dip. It was then primed and sent off to be fully caged with chrome Moly. Any unnecessary metal was removed from suspension and brakes and engine and transmission mounts were manufactured in aluminum. The doors, hood and engine lid remained steel but were stripped to shells. A light weight wiring harness was made and battery and fuse box were relocated to past the foot well for balance and weight distribution.

All lighting is LED and light weight plastic head lamps were installed to the weight reduced front fenders which were welded on for added strength. In addition to the above, light weight carpets and molded plastic seat shells were used. A fibre glass rear deck was built that lifts for storage. An aluminum fuel cell tank was used for safety and further weight reduction. I then installed fibre glass front and rear bumpers with a fibre glass lower valance spoiler.

The engine was stripped and re-built with minor upgrades to the cams, hydraulic tensioners and head studs with block time certs. The 2.7 engine was retained for weight considerations and reliability.

The end result is a fast, nimble, lightweight street/track club car that can also win at concour events. A more current 550 Spyder 1740 lbs wet that gets 32 MPG. A convertible top was fitted to the custom frameless windshield in case you get caught out in the rain. As a side note, I drove the car down to Monterey 2009, over to Reno, back up through Oregon and Washington to Vancouver Island and didn't use the top at all!

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